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03/29/2023   Smashing Magazine
Dealing with sensitive data is an important topic for any app. In this article, you will find out how to handle sensitive or confidential information in your apps and what Row-Level Security means.
03/27/2023   Smashing Magazine
Design handoffs are inefficient and painful. They cause frustration, friction and a lot of back and forth. Can we avoid them altogether? Of course we can! Let’s see how to do just that.
03/23/2023   Smashing Magazine
Content matters! Unfortunately, when it comes to informational websites, content quality is often poor. There is no magic answer to fix that. However, there are practical techniques you can use to improve the copy on your websites and ensure your users find the content they are looking for.
03/22/2023   CSS Tricks

I spend a lot of time in DevTools, and I’m sure you do too. Sometimes I even bounce between them, especially when I’m debugging cross-browser issues. DevTools is a lot like browsers themselves — not all of the features in …

Some Cross-Browser DevTools Features You Might Not Know originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

03/21/2023   Smashing Magazine
In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we ask what is Customer Experience design, and how does it differ from User Experience design? Vitaly Friedman talks to expert Debbie Levitt to find out.
03/20/2023   Smashing Magazine
Just a few beautiful, well-crafted fonts for headings and body text that you probably haven’t spotted before. Free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy!
03/16/2023   Smashing Magazine
Based on an example of a multilingual app that displays street photography images from Unsplash, Jan Amann explores next-intl to implement all internationalization needs in React Server Components and shares a technique for introducing interactivity with a minimalistic client-side footprint.
03/16/2023   Smashing Magazine
In this article, William Lyon explores how to build a full stack GraphQL application that takes advantage of the API Routes feature of Next.js API to combine your GraphQL server and front-end React applications into a single framework.
03/16/2023   WebAppers

Do you need a little inspiration to help you get started on a long-awaited online store design project. One of the best places to find it is a WordPress theme.  The problem is, there are so many themes to choose from. You’re going to have to sift through a number of them to find a […]

The post Top 11 WooCommerce Themes to Elevate Your Online Store in 2023 appeared first on WebAppers.

03/14/2023   Smashing Magazine
Perhaps more than any other person in history, Leonardo da Vinci showed the kind of magic that can happen in the overlap between art and science, where much of web development lives. His methods and outlooks are just as applicable to the web today as they were in Renaissance Italy.
03/13/2023   CSS Tricks

Doing a quick search here on CSS-Tricks shows just how many different ways there are to approach calendars. Some show how CSS Grid can create the layout efficiently. Some attempt to bring actual data into the mix. Some …

Making Calendars With Accessibility and Internationalization in Mind originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

03/10/2023   CSS Tricks

You know what it’s like to pick up a new language or framework. Sometimes there’s great documentation to help you find your way through it. But even the best documentation doesn’t cover absolutely everything. And when you work with something …

5 Mistakes I Made When Starting My First React Project originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

03/10/2023   Smashing Magazine
Instead of telling you once again what the best practice is and adding to your imposter syndrome, let’s concentrate on some practical approaches to user research that we might be able to fit into our existing projects without being left disillusioned.
03/09/2023   Smashing Magazine
Did you know that creating a complex form can be progressively enhanced using some Vue features like the v-for and the v-model? In this article, Olufunke shares some basic Vue core features that are super useful when building out the complex form in your day-to-day Vue usage.
03/08/2023   jQuery Blog
If you’ve been following along with recent jQuery releases, we have been working on how to address the recent addition of some new selectors in browsers, especially :has. jQuery 3.6.3 settled on the strategy of using native CSS.supports to determined whether a selector should be passed directly to querySelectorAll or instead go through jQuery’s selector … Continue reading
03/08/2023   CSS Tricks

CSS trigonometry functions are here! Well, they are if you’re using the latest versions of Firefox and Safari, that is. Having this sort of mathematical power in CSS opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. In this tutorial, I thought …

Creating a Clock with the New CSS sin() and cos() Trigonometry Functions originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

03/07/2023   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Paul Scanlon shares a super lightweight approach to creating a Donut chart using conic-gradient(). There are no additional libraries to install or maintain, and there’s no heavy JavaScript that needs to be downloaded by the browser in order for them to work.
03/07/2023   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Adam Cowley examines the Graph behind GraphQL and demonstrates why Neo4j could be the best fit for your next project.
03/06/2023   Smashing Magazine
Do you sometimes feel that all websites look the same? In this post, we compiled web design showcases that prove differently. They highlight some of the finest web designs, well-crafted experiences, and delightful interactions from across the web. Inspiration is guaranteed.
03/06/2023   CSS Tricks

Fonts are a defining characteristic of the design of any site. That includes WordPress themes, where it’s common for theme developers to integrate a service like Google Fonts into the WordPress Customizer settings for a “classic” PHP-based theme. That hasn’t …

Managing Fonts in WordPress Block Themes originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

03/03/2023   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Nick and Gleb cover the current state of design, answer common questions designers have about AI tools, and share practical tips on how designers can make the most of using AI tools.
03/02/2023   CSS Tricks

I was reading “Creative List Styling” on Google’s blog and noticed something odd in one of the code examples in the ::marker section of the article. The built-in list markers are bullets, ordinal numbers, and letters. The ::marker pseudo-element …

Everything You Need to Know About the Gap After the List Marker originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

03/02/2023   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Elisabeth Wieser-Linhart explores its potential benefits and drawbacks and shares what considerations and steps were involved in the process of migrating the front-end interface of Storyblok’s headless content management system.
02/28/2023   Smashing Magazine
Let’s get ready for March with some fresh wallpapers! Designed with love by the community for the community, the wallpaper designs in this collection are available in versions with and without a calendar. Enjoy!
02/28/2023   Smashing Magazine
In the ever-evolving design tools landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Penpot, the first design and prototyping tool that’s fully open-source and based on open web standards, making it an ideal choice for both designers and developers.
02/27/2023   Smashing Magazine
Each time we build a field validation from scratch, accessibility doesn’t come out of the box. In this guide, Sandrina breaks down what we need to take into consideration, so that nobody gets stuck on an inaccessible invalid field.