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03/01/2024   Smashing Magazine
Tooltips are a very common pattern used in CSS for years. There are a lot of ways to approach tooltips in CSS, though some evoke headaches with all the magic numbers they require. In this article, Temani Afif presents modern techniques to create tooltips with the smallest amount of markup and the greatest amount of flexibility.
02/29/2024   Smashing Magazine
Do you need a little inspiration boost? Well, then our new batch of desktop wallpapers is for you. Designed by artists and designers from across the globe, they come in versions with and without a calendar for March 2024. Enjoy!
02/27/2024   Smashing Magazine
The Performance API is a set of standards for measuring and evaluating performance metrics with JavaScript. This article demonstrates how to use the Performance API to generate performance metrics directly in the DOM to create your own reporting.
02/26/2024   Smashing Magazine
Digital designer Yichan Wang has put together this collection of strategies and selling points to help you encourage and advocate for accessibility in your place of work, including useful scripts you can use as starting points.
02/22/2024   Smashing Magazine
It’s well-established that the web faces wide-ranging usability and performance issues, from user-hostile UI patterns and twisted search results to sluggish performance and battery-draining bloat. In this article, Frederik examines one small-but-significant aspect where developers take the reins: Painting pixels on the screen.
02/20/2024   Smashing Magazine
Color accessibility is more than just ticking boxes. Even with good contrast, some color palettes can make interfaces challenging for users. Here are some practical guidelines to ensure more inclusive design for colorblind people. An upcoming part of Smart Interface Design Patterns.
02/19/2024   Smashing Magazine
Accessibility goes beyond making products user-friendly. It can significantly impact the quality of life for people with disabilities. Kate Kalcevich shares lessons she learned from assistive technology users — challenges and barriers they encounter on mobile devices.
02/14/2024   Smashing Magazine
Accessibility for data visualization extends well beyond web standards, at least if you’re trying to create an experience that’s actually useful. This article focuses on techniques for creating useful and accessible visualizations that extend well beyond compliance.
02/14/2024   WebAppers

It’s 2024 and the number of web design resources and tools on the market seems overwhelming. That’s good news since you need the right tools and resources to come up with competitive designs. The bad news is, rather than sifting through thousands of products to get the ones that best meet your needs you might […]

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02/13/2024   Smashing Magazine
How to design for children aged 3–12, with insights into user behavior, considerations for parents, and practical UX guidelines.
02/09/2024   Smashing Magazine
A radar chart — also commonly called a spider chart — is yet another way to visualize data and make connections. Radar charts are inherently geometric, making them both a perfect fit and fun to make with CSS, thanks to the `polygon()` function. Read along as Preethi Sam demonstrates the process and sprinkles it with a pinch of JavaScript to make a handy, reusable component.
02/08/2024   Smashing Magazine
What could we learn from entry-level students in front-end web development? As seasoned professionals, you might think you’ve seen it all, but the truth is that the newcomers are asking the most intriguing questions and making connections that those of us who have spent years on the front end may have never considered.
02/07/2024   Smashing Magazine
An overwhelming number of frameworks and tooling available today gives the impression that web development has gotten perhaps too complex. Juan Diego Rodríguez explores if web development really is that complex and, most importantly, how we can prevent it from getting even more difficult than we already perceive it to be.
02/06/2024   jQuery Blog
jQuery 4.0.0 has been in the works for a long time, but it is now ready for a beta release! There’s a lot to cover, and the team is excited to see it released. We’ve got bug fixes, performance improvements, and some breaking changes. We removed support for IE<11 after all! Still, we expect disruption … Continue reading
02/06/2024   Smashing Magazine
With one billion people aged 60 or older worldwide, inclusivity is more important than ever. Learn how to create digital experiences that empower independence and competence for older adults while enhancing usability for all. An upcoming part of Smart Interface Design Patterns.