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07/05/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this tutorial, Zara Cooper explains how to use Strapi’s Internationalization feature to create content in multiple languages. You’ll also learn how to create a Hugo site that consumes localized content from Strapi.
07/04/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this article, John Scott Bowie shares the story of 40 years of attempts to advance corporate UX maturity that — after numerous initiatives with marginal results — culminated in a breakthrough project that accelerated a company’s UX maturity from “Emergent” to “User-Driven” in less than a year.
07/01/2022   CSS Tricks

For this fourth and final article of our little series on single-element loaders, we are going to explore 3D patterns. When creating a 3D element, it’s hard to imagine that just one HTML element is enough to simulate something like all six faces of a cube. But  maybe we can get away …

Single Element Loaders: Going 3D! originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/30/2022   CSS Tricks

Bunny Fonts bills itself as the “privacy-first web font platform designed to put privacy back into the internet.” According to its FAQ:

With a zero-tracking and no-logging policy, Bunny Fonts helps you stay fully GDPR compliant and puts your user’s

Bunny Fonts originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/30/2022   CSS Tricks

Eric Eggert:

There are a few legitimate use cases for this technique. For example, you might have a table with titles and descriptions. To preserve more space for the title, you constrain the description to one line on small

Text-overflow: ellipsis considered harmful originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/30/2022   Smashing Magazine
Let’s welcome the new month with some inspiring desktop wallpapers. Created by artists and designers from across the globe, they come in versions with and without a calendar for July 2022. Enjoy!
06/29/2022   CSS Tricks

There is an abundance of both CSS and JavaScript libraries for animation libraries out there. So many, in fact, that choosing the right one for your project can seem impossible. That’s the situation I faced when I decided to build …

How I Chose an Animation Library for My Solitaire Game originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/28/2022   CSS Tricks

Hey, so it’s been a minute since we announced that CSS-Tricks is now part of the DigitalOcean family. Things are pretty much business as usual and hopefully it feels that way to you, too. Now that we’re getting settled, we’re …

Help Shape the Future of CSS-Tricks! originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/28/2022   CSS Tricks

We all make mistakes in our code. It happens! I know if I had one of those “Days Since Last Mistake” signs hanging over my desk, a big ol’ goose egg would be hovering above me all the time. It …

My Dumbest CSS Mistakes originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/28/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this episode, we ask if Sass is still relevant in 2022 and if it adds any value modern CSS workflows. Vitaly talks to expert Stephanie Eckles to find out.
06/27/2022   CSS Tricks

Right after “Where is the best place to learn?” perhaps the most commonly asked question I hear from folks getting into code is “What web development books should I get to learn?” Well, consider this an answer to that question …

Great (and Free!) Web Development Books You Can Get Online originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/27/2022   Smashing Magazine
Gatsby 4 came out in October 2021 with a lot of new features. It may seem as if Gatsby 4 didn’t cause a big stir among developers, but it brought several game-changing features. Let’s see what v4 brings to the table.
06/24/2022   CSS Tricks

We’ve looked at spinners. We’ve looked at dots. Now we’re going to tackle another common pattern for loaders: bars. And we’re going to do the same thing in this third article of the series as we have the others …

Single Element Loaders: The Bars originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/24/2022   Smashing Magazine
Partially visually hidden link names may be good for people who use screen readers, but they can be problematic for those who rely on voice control software. Here’s a suggestion on how to solve this.
06/23/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this article, we will enhance the Gantt Chart component with some interaction possibilities for editing the jobs. In doing so, we will continue to work with Vanilla JS and Web Components and look at some JavaScript libraries that can greatly simplify the effort of developing a fully functional Gantt Chart.
06/22/2022   CSS Tricks

We’re all familiar with the standard way of linking up a stylesheet to the <head> of an HTML doc, right? That’s just one of several ways we’re able to write CSS. But what does it look like to style things …

Different Ways to Write CSS in React originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/22/2022   Smashing Magazine
Looking for ways to test your product faster? In this article, Sergey Krasotin uncovers common mistakes startup product designers make that lead to longer MVP testing times. To test your product within two weeks or even less, follow these simple practices proven by Sergey’s experience with over 100 startups and accelerators.
06/21/2022   Smashing Magazine
Do you feel stuck in your company? Do you believe you deserve a raise but it never happens? Do you think you might need to quit the job? Let’s figure it out. In this article, Vitaly looks at some things he wishes he’d known earlier in his career.
06/20/2022   Smashing Magazine
In JavaScript, it’s natural to reach for timers when something is to happen on time. But when something is to happen at the exact moment because other things depend on it, you quickly learn timers are more of a problem than a solution. They are never on time, really. Web Animations API could eliminate the need for timers in certain cases while being precise.
06/17/2022   CSS Tricks

We’re looking at loaders in this series. More than that, we’re breaking down some common loader patterns and how to re-create them with nothing more than a single div. So far, we’ve picked apart the classic spinning loader. Now, …

Single Element Loaders: The Dots originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/17/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Andrii shares his approach to managing tables in Figma in an easier, more streamlined way when there is a need to support different screen resolutions, change the order of columns, and use real-life content.
06/16/2022   Smashing Magazine
All the data in the world won’t do anyone any good if we can’t make sense of it. Or better yet, make it sing. Here are some stunning examples of data visualization in the wild, and some pointers on how to start making your own.
06/15/2022   CSS Tricks

Calendars, shopping carts, galleries, file explorers, and online libraries are some situations where selectable items are shown in grids (i.e. square lattices). You know, even those security checks that ask you to select all images with crosswalks or whatever.


Conditionally Styling Selected Elements in a Grid Container originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/15/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this article, we’ll see how to make our sites friendly for Windows High Contrast Mode by using a good set of practices, including the media query `forced-colors` and its toolset.
06/14/2022   CSS Tricks

Well, sheesh. I opened a little can of worms when sharing Miriam’s “Am I on the IndieWeb yet?” with a short post bemoaning my own trouble getting on the IndieWeb train. But it’s a good can of worms.

I think …

De-Mystifying IndieWeb on a WordPress Site originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/14/2022   Smashing Magazine
Do you need search for your site, but haven’t found the time to add it? Within 15 minutes, Leonardo Losoviz explains how you can add a super powerful search that also looks super good. In this article, you’ll learn how to go from 0 to 100 with search.
06/13/2022   CSS Tricks

A diagram is a graphical representation of information that depicts the structure, relationship, or operation of anything. Diagrams enable your audience to visually grasp hidden information and engage with them in ways that words alone cannot. Depending on the type …

Useful Tools for Visualizing Databases on a Budget originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/13/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Eva gives an overview of what embedded systems are and how they impact our lives. She presents three main learnings gained across her quest for creating better-embedded systems to enable the world as we know it.
06/10/2022   CSS Tricks

Making CSS-only loaders is one of my favorite tasks. It’s always satisfying to look at those infinite animations. And, of course, there are lots of techniques and approaches to make them — no need to look further than CodePen to …

Single Element Loaders: The Spinner originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/10/2022   Smashing Magazine
[DevFest for Ukraine]( is a charitable online conference that will bring together 20 industry-leading tech speakers in support of Ukraine. June 14–15.
06/10/2022   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Thomas Bohm explains ways to test typefaces and other typographic issues. Though this article is slightly high-end and academic, fear not. The content will be interesting, especially for committed typeface designers and typographers. If you like complex issues and problems, this is for you.
06/09/2022   CSS Tricks

Can’t smash the Like button hard enough for what Miriam Suzanne has to say on the challenging technical hurdles of implementing Webmentions:

The first round required several online services along with HTML & JS changes to my static site, just to verify my

Am I on the IndieWeb yet? originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter.

06/09/2022   Smashing Magazine
This article explores the evolution and the future of frontend tooling, presenting a new set of tools featuring a change in paradigm, platform, or both.
06/08/2022   Smashing Magazine
CSS color-mix is an experimental function that blends two colors and can be used to simplify color palettes. You can define a color palette and theme without too much effort using CSS color-mix().
06/07/2022   Smashing Magazine
Computer technologies have simplified the process of recording historical events, technological breakthroughs, contemporary art, and everyday life. However, the notion of digital archiving can be deceptive. Often our technical footprints are carved in sand rather than stone.