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09/21/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Matt Saunders offers some straightforward advice on how you can become a more business-savvy web de-signer and take your practice to the next level.
09/18/2020   CSS Tricks

It’s out! Congrats to the Vue team for getting it done, I know it was a massive effort and a long time coming. All new docs, as well.

I like it’s still a priority that Vue can be used with just a <script tag with no build process at all. But it’s ready for build processes too.

Vue 3.0 core can still be used via a simple <script tag, but its internals has been re-written from the ground up

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09/18/2020   CSS Tricks

As you probably know, a single monolithic JavaScript bundle — once a best practice — is no longer the way to go for modern web applications. Research has shown that larger bundles increase memory usage and CPU costs, especially on mid-range and low-end mobile devices.

webpack has a lot of features to help you achieve smaller bundles and control the loading priority of resources. The most compelling of them is code splitting, which provides a way to split your … Read article “Enforcing performance budgets with webpack”

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09/18/2020   Smashing Magazine
There’s a lot of information out there — that’s a fact. In these monthly editions, Smashing’s senior editor Iris brings it all in one place because we know how hard it can be to stay on top of things. So with no further ado, here’s what was, what is, and what will be!
09/17/2020   CSS Tricks

A straightforward post with some perf data from Tomas Pustelnik. It’s a good reminder that CSS is a crucial part of thinking web performance, and for a huge reason:

Any time [the browser] encounters any external resource (CSS, JS, images, etc.) it will assign it a download priority and initiate its download. Priorities are important because some resources are critical to render a page (eg. main stylesheet and JS files) while others may be less important (like images or stylesheets

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09/17/2020   CSS Tricks

So, you know how many emoji have different skin tones? Emoji skin tones are extremely popular, especially over text and on social media. The raised black fist emoji (✊🏿) was voted “The Most 2020 Emoji” by Emojipedia’s World Emoji Awards.

Each tone is a modifier and many emoji are made up of modifiers and base encodings that map to specific characters. Unfortunately, not every emoji library supports modifiers. But, given their popularity, emoji skin tone modifiers are more than a … Read article “Changing Emoji Skin Tones Programmatically”

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09/17/2020   Smashing Magazine
Among others, [Next.js]( has dubbed itself: *The React Framework for Static Websites*. But just like every other framework whose goal is to help you build what matters by abstracting common, redundant tasks, you’re often required to learn something new and opinionated. With Next.js, one of the things you need to know is how to integrate different CSS methods with its API, and that is the focus of this tutorial.
09/16/2020   CSS Tricks

There is a bit of an irony with Jamstack.

The concept is simple: you put pre-rendered, static files on web hosting (a CDN) designed to do that well. That’s it. If you need to do more, anything you do from there is done with client-side JavaScript, which is likely talking to serverless functions because that’s the spiritual partner to Jamstack on the back end. I heard Guillermo Rauch say at Smashing Conf the other day that it isn’t exactly a … Read article “Weaved Webs”

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09/16/2020   CSS Tricks

I’ll be linking to individual Pens as I discuss the lessons I learned, but if you’d like to get a sense of the entire project, check out 60 days of Animation on Undead Institute. I started this project to end on August 1st, 2020, coinciding with the publication of a book I wrote featuring CSS animation, humor, and zombies — because, obviously, zombies will destroy the world if you don’t brandish your web skills and stop the apocalypse. Nothing puts the hurt on the horde like a HTML element on the move!

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09/16/2020   CSS Tricks

Totally free.

No sign-up. No registration. All sessions are streamed live and publicly on the Inclusive Design 24 YouTube channel – see the entire playlist for the event.

Quite the lineup.

I’ve got a couple of other accessibility links burning a hole in my pocket as well:

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09/16/2020   CSS Tricks

Here’s a seven minute video from Caleb Porzio that focuses on some of Emmet‘s HTML editing features. You might think of Emmet as that thing that expands abbreviations like table.stats>tr*3>td*3 into glorious, expanded, and perfect HTML. But Emmet has other HTML editing trickery up its sleeve. My favorite is “wrap with abbreviation” (which happens to be Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + A on CodePen), but there are more, like expanding your selection inward and outward and tag changing. … Read article “Editing HTML Like A Boss In VS Code”

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09/16/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this article, we will take a closer look at GraphQL and how we can integrate it into a Gatsby website by building and implementing advanced data sourcing and transformation in Gatsby.
09/15/2020   CSS Tricks

Previously in web history…

After an influx of rapid browser development following the creation of the web, Mosaic becomes the popular choice. Recognizing the commercial potential of the web, a team at O’Reilly builds GNN, the first commercial website. With something to browse with, and something to browse for, more and more people begin to turn to the web. Many create small, personal sites of their own. The best the web has to offer becomes almost impossible to … Read article “Chapter 4: Search”

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09/15/2020   CSS Tricks

In 2018, Rachel Nabors made the point that browser diversity is similar to biological ecosystem diversity. There are literal advantages to more diversity. That article was before the Edge engines were shut, and now the big shakeups at Mozilla have the topic of browser diversity on people’s minds again.

I really like Dave’s take on the matter. The diversity of browser engines makes web tech slow. Frustratingly slow, to many, but that slowness can bring value.

There’s a

Read article “What is the Value of Browser Diversity?”

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09/15/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Victor Yocco covers specific tactics with supporting research that are bound to help you design for attention.
09/14/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this article, Blessing explains how GSAP plays well with the React library by integrating its functions into a React component in building an example landing page with a variety of animations.
09/11/2020   Smashing Magazine
This week we celebrate the 14th birthday of Smashing Magazine. We didn’t quite have the year that we planned though! I took a look back at some memories from this year and previous years — with the help of the team and some Smashing friends.
09/11/2020   Smashing Magazine
This article contains a brief introduction to Lighthouse, discusses the advantages of running it programmatically, and walks through a basic configuration.
09/10/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this guide, we’re going to run through the potential of Craft CMS, setting up a local environment and creating a basic cat blog with an API endpoint to accompany it.
09/09/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this guide, we will be looking at Next.js, a popular React framework that offers a great developer experience and ships with all of the features you need for production.
09/08/2020   Smashing Magazine
Thanks to the wide support of the prefers-reduced-motion-media feature, we now have more advanced ways to design motion that can be creative and innovative while also being safer for those with motion sensitivities.
09/07/2020   Smashing Magazine
We’re talking about SVG Animation. How can vector images, JavaScript and CSS all work together to provide engaging motion graphics? Drew McLellan talks to SVG expert Cassie Evans to find out.
09/07/2020   Smashing Magazine
Meet our Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklist Cards, a deck of 100 cards with common questions to ask when tackling a common interface challenge — carousel, table, date picker, autocomplete, filtering, sorting, search, configurator, slider, timeline, map, web forms, reviews and testimonials, onboarding, pricing plan, authentication and many others. Get the PDF deck right away.
09/07/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this article, we will learn how to write automated tests on web APIs with Postman. In order to follow along to this tutorial, you’ll need at least a fair amount of familiarity with Postman.
09/04/2020   Smashing Magazine
A component library helps to keep a design consistent across multiple projects. It ensures consistency because any changes made will propagate across the projects that make use of it. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to build a component library, using Emotion in React to resolve inconsistencies.
09/03/2020   Smashing Magazine
Icons have long held an important place in the design of mobile apps. But beyond using them to create larger and more attractive touch targets, there are other ways mobile app designers can use these tiny elements to make an app more engaging. This post will explore four ways to do this.
09/02/2020   Smashing Magazine
Unlike most design software, Figma is free and browser-based so developers can easily access the full design files making the developer handoff process significantly smoother. This article explains everything they need to know to work with Figma.
09/01/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this article, you will learn how to build and test react components in isolation using Storybook. You will also learn how to use the knobs addon to modify data directly from the storybook explorer.
08/31/2020   Smashing Magazine
In this tutorial, we’re going to learn about some amazing features the Vue Router has and how we can make use of them in our app.
08/31/2020   Smashing Magazine
New month, new wallpapers! In this post, you’ll find inspiring wallpaper calendars for September 2020. Created with love by the community for the community.