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09/14/2019   CSS Tricks

As long as I can remember the main source for feature support in HTML email clients is Campaign Monitor's guide. Now there is a new player on the block:

HTML email is often joked about in how you have to code for it in such an antiquated way (<table>s! really!) but that's perhaps not a fair shake. 2 years ago Kevin Mandeville talked about how he used CSS grid (not kidding) in an email:


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09/13/2019   CSS Tricks

For a while, iTunes was the big dog in podcasting, so if you linked "Subscribe to Podcast" to like:

...that would make sense. It's a web URL anyway, so it will work for anyone and has information about the podcast, as well as a list of recent shows you can even listen to right there. For Apple folks, you might be redirected in-app (mobile) or it becomes one click away (desktop). But for folks on Android or Linux or … Read article

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09/13/2019   CSS Tricks

It would surprise me if you'd never come across a ghost button 👻. You know the ones: they have a transparent background that fills with a solid color on hover. Smashing Magazine has a whole article going into the idea. In this article, we’re going to build a ghost button, but that will be the easy part. The fun and tricky part will be animating the fill of that ghost button such that the background fills up in the direction … Read article

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09/13/2019   Smashing Magazine
Editor’s note: Please note that this is the last Monthly Web Development Update in the series. You can still follow the Web Development Reading List on Anselm’s site at Watch out for a new roundup post format next month here on Smashing Magazine. A big thank-you to Anselm for sharing his findings and his thoughts with us during the past four years. Do we make our lives too complex, too busy, and too rich?
09/12/2019   CSS Tricks

In this week's roundup, Apple gets into web components, how Instagram is insta-loading scripts, and some food for thought for self-hosting critical resources.

Apple deploys web components built using Stencil

The new Apple Music web app (beta) uses a JavaScript framework (Ember.js) but also standard web components such as <apple-music-video-player> that are built using Stencil, a web component compiler.

Stencil is a build-time tool that generates standard web components with minimal overhead, while providing core features such as templating, … Read article

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09/12/2019   CSS Tricks

Earlier this week, Bastian Allgeier published some interesting thoughts about complexity in web development and how changing simple things can often feel far more difficult than they need to be:

You want to build a JS file? Please update Webpack first. Oh, that new version of Webpack is no longer compatible with your Node version. Oh, your new Node version is no longer compatible with that other dependency. Oh, now you have 233 detected security issues in all your node_modules

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09/12/2019   CSS Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to customize CSS animations keyframes without using any preprocessor feature, like mixins? I keep reaching for preprocessors for this reason, but it would be so nice to drop yet one more dependency and go with vanilla CSS.

Well, I found a way to account for variations within a keyframe animation using nothing but CSS and it’s thanks to custom properties! Let’s learn a little more about how CSS keyframes work and how we … Read article

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09/12/2019   CSS Tricks

In about 10 minutes, we'll set up a workflow that makes static sites dead simple.

You'll get the following:

  • Free https
  • Free or cheap hosting
  • Build sites quickly
  • Edit with live reload
  • Edit when you’ve forgotten everything in 6 months

Start: signups

We can get all this by using Netlify (really simple static hosting) along with AnyMod (100s of website sections).

Set up deploy pipeline

We’ll create a basic HTML file, track it with GitHub, and … Read article

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09/12/2019   Smashing Magazine
If you write JavaScript you’re likely familiar with ES2015 and all the new language standards that were introduced. One such standard that has seen incredible popularity is destructuring assignment. The ability to “dive into” an array or object and reference something inside of it more directly. It usually goes something like this. const response = { status: 200, data: {} } // instead of we get... const {data} = response //now data references the data object directly const objectList = [ { key: 'value' }, { key: 'value' }, { key: 'value' } ] // instead of objectList[0], objectList[1], etc we get.
09/11/2019   CSS Tricks

Very often, while using switch variables (a variable that's either 0 or 1, a concept that's explained in a greater detail in in this post), I wish I could perform logical operations on them. We don't have functions like not(var(--i)) or and(var(--i), var(--k)) in CSS, but we can emulate these and more with arithmetic operations in a calc() function.

This article is going to show you what calc() formulas we need to use for each logical operation and … Read article

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09/11/2019   CSS Tricks

There is a variety of HTML that you can just leave out of the source HTML and it's still valid markup.

Doesn't this look weird?

<p>Paragraph one.
<p>Paragraph two.
<p>Paragraph three.

It does to me, but the closing </p> tags are optional. The browser will detect it needs them and manifest correctly in the DOM anyway.

This probably happens to HTML you write and you don't even know it. For example...


That looks perfectly fine … Read article

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09/11/2019   Smashing Magazine
I’m one of those people who can’t live without their Bash terminal. This sole fact has made it difficult for me to do frontend work on Windows. I work at Microsoft and I’m on a Mac. It wasn’t until the new Surface hardware line came out a few years ago that I realized: I gotta have one of those. So I got one. A Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 to be exact.
09/10/2019   CSS Tricks

Second only to "silly GIFs," I'd guess screenshots of caniuse are the most common slide graphic at web conferences. It's become the ultimate source for looking at web compatibility data in the hearts and minds of web developers.

Can I use CSS filter in Firefox? Yes. Can I use the filter() function? No.

But of course, MDN has incredible web platform documentation that also includes compatibility data. So it's nice to see them collaborate. And not just theoretically — it's … Read article

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09/10/2019   Smashing Magazine
(This is a sponsored article.) Time-to-market plays a crucial role in modern web design. Most product teams want to minimize the time required to go from the idea to a ready-to-use product without sacrificing the quality of the design along the way. When it comes to creating a website, teams often use a few different tools: one tool for graphics and visual design, another for prototyping, and another for coding.
09/09/2019   Smashing Magazine
Machine learning often feels like it belongs to the realm of data scientists and Python developers. However, over the past couple of years, open-source frameworks have been created to make it more accessible in different programming languages, including JavaScript. In this article, we will use Tensorflow.js to explore the different possibilities of using machine learning in the browser through a few example projects. What Is Machine Learning? Before we start diving into some code, let’s talk briefly about what machine learning is as well as some core concepts and terminology.
09/06/2019   Smashing Magazine
This week, Smashing Magazine turned thirteen years old. The web has changed a lot since Vitaly posted his first article back in 2006. The team at Smashing has changed too, as have the things that we bring to our community — with conferences, books, and our membership added to the online magazine. One thing that hasn’t changed is that we’re a small team — with most of us not working fulltime for Smashing.
09/05/2019   Smashing Magazine
Before writing Art Direction for the Web, I began to study Alexey Brodovitch when I became fascinated by editorial and magazine design. I was drawn to his precision, in particular, the way Brodovitch brought photographs and text together. Then, I became intrigued by his design process, how he sketched layouts, arranged them into spreads, and created a rhythm which flowed through his magazines. Later, I appreciated his rebellious rejection of anything he considered mediocre.
09/04/2019   Smashing Magazine
CSS is designed to keep your content readable. If you consider an HTML document that is marked up with headings and paragraphs (with no CSS applied), it displays in the browser in a readable way. The headings are large and bold, and the paragraphs have space between them which is controlled by the browser default stylesheet. As soon as you want to change the layout of your page, however, you start to take some of the control into your own hands.
09/03/2019   Smashing Magazine
(This is a sponsored article.) Managing the deployment of a website used to be easy: It simply involved uploading files to the server through FTP and you were pretty much done. But those days are gone: Websites have gotten very complex, involving many tools and technologies in their stacks. Nowadays, a typical web project may require to execute build tools to compress assets and generate the deliverable files for production, upload the assets to a CDN and invalidate stale ones, execute a test suite to make sure the code has no errors (for both client and server-side code), do database migrations (and, to be on the safe side, first execute a backup of the database), instantiate the desired number of servers behind a load balancer and deploy the application to them (through an atomic deployment, so that the website is always available), download and install the dependencies, deploy serverless functions, and finally notify the team that everything is ready through Slack or by email.
09/02/2019   Smashing Magazine
For the past year, every time I got frustrated with Sketch, a colleague of mine suggested I try Figma. Then, when I wrote an article about building our design system in Sketch, I got a bunch of feedback from people telling me to try Figma. And recently, Linda, our Head of Design at Help Scout, asked me, “Hey Buzz, shouldn’t we be using Figma?” I couldn’t fight it anymore… I just had to try Figma!
08/31/2019   Smashing Magazine
Lush green slowly turning into yellows, reds, and browns in the Northern hemisphere; nature awakening from its slumber in the Southern part of the world: September is a time of change. A chance to leave old habits behind and embrace the beginning of something new. And, well, sometimes a small change of routines is already enough to spark fresh inspiration and, who knows, maybe even great ideas. With that in mind, we embarked on our monthly wallpapers challenge more than nine years ago, and since then, artists and designers from all across the globe have accepted the challenge and submitted their designs to it to cater for a bit of variety on the screens we look at so often.
08/30/2019   Smashing Magazine
When it comes to any project that requires any user interaction (e.g., end users, maintainers, etc.), there is one critical factor that makes the difference between success and failure: good documentation. This holds true regardless of how small or large your project is. After all, short of providing one-on-one support for your project, documentation is the first line of defense for users who are trying to solve a problem. And whether you like it or not, you will never hear from users who give up after being unable to solve their problem due to inadequate documentation.
08/29/2019   Smashing Magazine
Whenever you hear of “mobile navigation”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? My guess would be the hamburger slide-out menu. This design pattern had been in use since the first responsive design days, and even though a lot has changed since then, this particular pattern has not. Why is that? How did we start using the top navigation with the hamburger menu in the first place? Is there a better alternative?
08/28/2019   Smashing Magazine
Now that WebAssembly is supported by all major browsers and more than 85% of users worldwide, JavaScript is no longer the only browser language in town. If you haven’t heard, WebAssembly is a new low-level language that runs in the browser. It’s also a compilation target, which means you can compile existing programs written in languages such as C, C++, and Rust into WebAssembly, and run those programs in the browser.
08/27/2019   Smashing Magazine
I have made the switch to Figma almost two years ago and I have no regrets so far. In one of my previous blog posts on the topic, I made an in-depth review of Figma, and I’m glad I could help other designers make the switch. After two years of working with this tool, I got really familiar with it and now I’d like to share with you twenty tips that I use every day and which help me work a bit faster and be more effective.
08/20/2019   WebAppers

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