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06/21/2024   Smashing Magazine
Balancing the age-old simplicity of words on paper with the myriad creative possibilities of the web is a tension as old as the web itself. Leaning into that overlap can bring new dimensions not just to the things we write but also to how we write them.
06/20/2024   Smashing Magazine
Have you heard of the Screen Orientation API? What about the Device Orientation API, Vibration API, or the Contact Picker API? Juan Diego Rodriguez is interested in these under-the-radar web features and discusses how they can be used to create more usable and robust progressive web apps if and when they gain broader support.
06/19/2024   Smashing Magazine
Job openings typically cast a very restrictive frame for candidates, with long lists of expectations and requirements. But what if this narrow focus can overlook the value of “V”-shaped designers who excel by crossing boundaries, connecting dots, and innovating beyond rigid boxes?
06/17/2024   Smashing Magazine
Whether you want to take your user research skills to the next level, get better at UX writing, or stay up-to-date on the latest design trends, a newsletter is the perfect opportunity to get the best of the best resources delivered straight to your inbox on a regular basis. In this post, we highlight some design newsletters that you might want to consider subscribing to.
06/14/2024   Smashing Magazine
What are these CSS Container Style Queries, and why should you use them? Juan Diego Rodríguez delves deeply into style queries, and not at the syntax level, but at what exactly they are solving and what sort of use cases you would find yourselves reaching for them in your work if and when they gain browser support.
06/13/2024   Smashing Magazine
The 2-page login pattern is becoming pervasive. Here are the reasons behind this design choice and alternative solutions to create a more efficient and user-friendly authentication experience.
06/12/2024   Smashing Magazine
Kristian Mikhel covers various practical applications of scents in product experience, from immersive entertainment to healing spaces and medical appliances, and how designers can drive innovation across spheres and disciplines.
06/11/2024   Smashing Magazine
Do perfect Lighthouse scores mean the performance of your website is perfect? As it turns out, Lighthouse is influenced by a number of things that can be manipulated and bent to make sites seem more performant than they really are, as Salma Alam-Naylor demonstrates in several experiments.
06/10/2024   CSS Tricks

The main idea of CSS Container Queries is to register an element as a “container” and apply styles to other elements when the container element meets certain conditions.

CSS Container Queries originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

06/07/2024   Smashing Magazine
The times for CSS have probably never been more exciting than today. In this quick read, we’ve got some useful CSS tips and techniques for you that you can apply to your work right away. Let’s dive deeper into self-modifying CSS variables, hanging punctuation, and more.
06/05/2024   Smashing Magazine
There’s more to achieving good UX than research and design. We need to effectively communicate our ideas to gain buy-in from key stakeholders. Victor covers how UX practitioners can harness the power of persuasion and other tactics from the field of communication when presenting research findings and design concepts to key stakeholders.
06/04/2024   Smashing Magazine
The web is still a young platform, and we’re only now beginning to recognize what “success” looks like for large projects. In his recent Smashing book, [Success at Scale](, Addy Osmani presents practical case studies featuring the web’s most renowned companies and their efforts to make big changes to existing apps and sites. In this article, Addy shows some of the key insights he has learned.
06/03/2024   CSS Tricks

A comprehensive guide covering nine types of lengths that CSS uses to size elements in terms of dimensions, space, time, and even sound.

CSS Length Units originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

05/31/2024   Smashing Magazine
Let’s kick off June with some fresh inspiration! Artists and designers from across the globe once again tickled their creativity to celebrate the beginning of the new month with a collection of beautiful and unique wallpaper calendars.
05/30/2024   Smashing Magazine
What does it mean to learn the “basics”, or fundamentals, of front-end web development? Is starting with HTML and CSS still the best entry point to learn how to make websites and apps when we have a seemingly endless supply of frameworks? Geoff Graham thinks so and discusses why you might consider going “back to basics” to start or move forward in your career.
05/29/2024   Smashing Magazine
Imagine finally resolving never-ending discussions about UI decisions for good. Here are some practical examples of decision trees for UI components and how to use them effectively. An upcoming part of [Smart Interface Design Patterns](
05/28/2024   Smashing Magazine
Application frameworks have built whole ecosystems on top of them. Let’s take a closer look at serverless platforms such as Netlify’s [Platform Primitives]( and explore how they can increase our productivity with a serverless fullstack experience.
05/24/2024   Smashing Magazine
After years of relying on checkbox hacks to create a “switch” control for forms that toggle between two states, HTML may be gaining a native way to go about it by adding a `switch` attribute to checkbox inputs. Daniel Yuschick walks us through a first impression of switch controls and discusses current and ongoing considerations that need to be explored further before it is ready for prime time.
05/23/2024   Smashing Magazine
How can we get better at naming? This post is dedicated to naming conventions, tips, and real-world examples that help you name things in a robust and flexible way.