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01/23/2018   Seattle PI Mariners
NEW YORK (AP) — Edgar Martinez is rocketing up the Hall of Fame ballot, boosted 13 years after his final swing by new-age statistical analyses and campaigning. His percentage of the vote more than doubled from 2015 to last year, and he is projected to be around the 75 percent needed for election when this year's voting is announced Wednesday. He could become only the second Hall of Famer who was primarily a designated hitter. "I think it's kind of like relief pitchers: Once the first couple started to get in, people had to accept the fact that they're part of the game now," said's Tracy Ringolsby, who voted for Martinez for the first time this year. "You can't get around them. You can't ignore it.
01/22/2018   Seattle PI Mariners

It looks like former Mariners slugger Edgar Martinez is going to come very close to induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.