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10/23/2017   InfoWorld Linux

CoreOS Container Linux is an open-source container operating system designed to support Kubernetes. The CoreOS flavor of container infrastructure management uses the Rocket or Docker container engine, Etcd for service discovery and configuration, Flannel for networking, and Kubernetes for container management. Unique among container operating systems, CoreOS offers a continuous stream of automated updates that, in theory, do not affect running applications. That’s because they run in containers.

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10/22/2017 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in Dnsmasq, the worst of which may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code.
10/22/2017 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in OpenJPEG, the worst of which may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code.
10/22/2017 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in the PCRE Library, the worst of which may allow remote attackers to cause a Denial of Service condition. [More...]
10/22/2017 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in Chromium and Google Chrome, the worst of which could result in the execution of arbitrary code.
10/22/2017 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in Go, the worst of which may result in the execution of arbitrary commands.
10/21/2017 6.9.9-19
10/21/2017 6.9.9-19
10/21/2017 new upstream release ---- * heap overflow in libwpd
10/21/2017 A vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player might allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code.
10/21/2017 An integer overflow vulnerability in Kodi could result in remote execution of arbitrary code.
10/21/2017 Security fix for [CVE-2017-12173]
10/20/2017 An update that solves 8 vulnerabilities and has three fixes An update that solves 8 vulnerabilities and has three fixes An update that solves 8 vulnerabilities and has three fixes is now available. is now available.
10/20/2017   Linux Journal

Developing truly secure software is no walk through the park. more>>

10/19/2017   Linux Journal

In the April 2017 issue, I wrote about how to use ticketing systems as a sysadmin to organize your tasks better. more>>

10/18/2017   Linux Journal

My phone is dead. I'm not exactly sure what happened to it, but for some reason, my beloved Sony Xperia Z5 Compact no longer turns on. Granted, it's not my main work phone, but it's my personal phone and also my audiobook player. The biggest problem is that when I'm exploring new Android apps, the Sony is the device I use for testing. Thankfully, there are other options. more>>

10/17/2017   Linux Journal

I've covered several scientific packages in this space that generate nice graphical representations of your data and work, but I've not gone in the other direction much. So in this article, I cover a popular image processing package called ImageJ. more>>

10/16/2017   Linux Journal

In its quest to provide customers the latest and best computing solutions that deliver relentless performance with the absolute lowest TCO, PSSC Labs has supercharged two server solutions with next-generation processing power. more>>

10/13/2017   Linux Journal

The Big Data market is in a period of remarkable transition. If keeping tabs on this dynamic sector is in your wheelhouse, Datamation has made your homework easier by developing "Leading Big Data Companies", a report that provides "a snapshot of a market sector in transition". more>>

10/12/2017   Linux Journal

One of my first exposures to computers in a work environment was using a Wyse terminal to access a console-based application for data entry. It wasn't until a while later that I learned about terminals in UNIX and how they work. Once I understood it, I wanted to create my own self-contained application that was tied to a telnet or SSH session. more>>

10/12/2017   Linux Journal

Gartner analysts noted in a recent Cool Vendor report: more>>

10/11/2017   Linux Journal

Zero downtime is, of course, a mythical holy grail. According to IDC senior market analyst Prabhitha Sheethal Dcruz: more>>

10/11/2017   Linux Journal

Many proprietary high-availability (HA) software providers require users to pay extra for system-management capabilities. Bucking this convention and driving down costs is LINBIT, whose DRBD HA software solution, part of the Linux kernel since 2009, powers thousands of digital enterprises. more>>

10/10/2017   Linux Journal

In my last few articles, I've been exploring the capabilities of ImageMagick, showing that just because you're working on a command line doesn't mean you're stuck processing only text. more>>

10/09/2017   Linux Journal

SUSE and SAP have been collaborating for 18 years now. SAP is ubiquitous in the enterprise environment, and SUSE is now powering its robust SAP Cloud Platform. more>>

10/09/2017   Linux Journal

Once again, my friend and fellow Linux Journal club member Kris Occhipinti introduced me to an awesome bit of software. This time, it's an open-source project that brings Linux-like package management to Windows! Don't get me wrong; installing software on Windows isn't difficult, but it's definitely more cumbersome than with Linux. more>>

10/06/2017   Linux Journal

With software-free setup and operation, the new iStorage diskAshur group of ultra-secure storage drives works across all operating systems, including Linux, macOS, Android, Chrome, thin and zero clients, MS Windows and embedded systems. more>>

10/05/2017   Linux Journal

I learned about Subutai from Philip Sheldrake of the Digital Life Collective (and much else) and thought it deserved attention here at Linux Journal, so I offered this space for that. Alex Karasulu did most of the writing, but it was a team effort with help from Jon 'maddog' Hall, Philip Sheldrake and Steve Taylor.—Doc Searls more>>

10/02/2017   Virtualization
Amazon has introduced an updated Echo smart home device along with three new models, the Echo Plus, the Echo Spot and the Echo Look hands-free camera, all controlled by the Alexa digital assistant.
09/27/2017   Virtualization
Former Citrix CloudPlatform technology gets updated to provide a hybrid cloud with Kubernetes, that can use public cloud capacity.