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10/17/2017   MovieWeb TV News
A new Big Bang Theory contest has revealed the Green Lantern Corps. logo, with many assuming this means he's in the movie.
10/05/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Mark Salling could serve up to 20 years in federal prison if the judge denies his plea bargain.
10/03/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Find out what happens on the way to Maz Kanata's castle in the first new Star Wars Forces of Destiny animated short film.
09/28/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Stephen King says The Stand is being planned as an extended TV series while a new Salem's Lot movie is in the works.
09/28/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Disney is rebooting Hocus Pocus as a TV movie, with none of the original cast set to return.
09/25/2017   MovieWeb TV News
An upcoming Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated short will show how Rey was so good at flying and fixing the Millennium Falcon.