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05/24/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Benjamin Walker stars as the sheriff of a small town trying to track down three robbery suspects, one being his brother, in Shimmer Lake.
05/22/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Netflix has picked up a bizarre untitled project for director Ava DuVernay, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong'o and writer Issa Rae, which started from a meme.
05/18/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Newcomer An Seo Hyun goes on a quest to bring her mystical creature back home in the new trailer for Okja.
05/18/2017   MovieWeb TV News
A new Dark Crystal prequel TV series inspired by Jim Henson's groundbreaking vision is coming to Netflix.
05/17/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Producer Brian Jenkins says that Karl Urban could reprise his role from Dredd in the upcoming Judge Dredd TV show.
05/16/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Jimmy Kimmel has come back to host the 2018 Academy Awards, for the second year in row, for producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd.
05/16/2017   MovieWeb TV News
A new fan petition to bring Star Wars: The Old Republic to Netflix has garnered nearly 200,000 signatures.
05/15/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Producer Jason Blum has finally pulled the veil off his upcoming Purge series, which doesn't take place on the big night.
05/12/2017   MovieWeb TV News
La La Land Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are creating new music for A Christmas Story live musical event, airing this December on Fox.
05/11/2017   MovieWeb TV News
A bearded Mark returns with cue cards, Sam can't talk to Daniel about love and The Prime Minister takes a tumble in the Love Actually 2 trailer.
05/11/2017   MovieWeb TV News
The original cast of Love Actually is back for a new short film that will debut during the 2017 Red Nose Day Special on NBC.
05/09/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Tracy Morgan will return to the stage for the first time since his accident in the Netflix original comedy special Staying Alive.
05/09/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Robert De Niro, with Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are teaming up with director Martin Scorsese for Netflix's original movie The Irishman.
05/08/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus issued a joint statement revealing they have no part in bringing the Boondock Saints TV series to life.
05/08/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm are reuniting for the explosive new action-comedy Game Over, Man!, coming to Netflix on 4/20.
05/05/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Mike Patton is taking a quick break from Dead Cross and Faith No More to score a new Netflix original movie based on a Stephen King novella.
05/04/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Actor W. Earl Brown shares his reaction to reading the Deadwood Movie script for the first time.
05/02/2017   MovieWeb TV News
TBS is starting an annual tradition by airing the first six Star Wars movies in a row on Thursday, May 4th.
04/27/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Fans can pre-order an extensive collector's edition box set to help crowdfund the new Boondock Saints TV prequel series.
04/25/2017   MovieWeb TV News
Adam Sandler reunites with Chris Rock for new wedding comedy The Week Of, which is eyeing a global debut in 2018 on the Netflix streaming service.