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01/13/2022   ZDNet Microsoft
Microsoft is investing in sustainable-fuels company LanzaJet, which is building an alcohol-to-jet sustainable fuel production plant.
01/12/2022   ZDNet Microsoft
Microsoft isn't only targeting information workers with its Teams collaboration and Viva employee-engagement products. It's also redoubling its efforts to reach frontline workers with them.
01/11/2022   ZDNet Microsoft
Teams consumer and enterprise users will be able to chat between the two platforms by mid-January.
01/04/2022   ZDNet Microsoft
As part of their respective metaverse strategies, Microsoft and Qualcomm are working on chips that could be used in future AR glasses. .
01/04/2022   ZDNet Microsoft
The first PCs to incorporate Microsoft's Pluton security chip will be available from Lenovo this May.
01/03/2022   ZDNet Microsoft
The temporary fix is for a date-check failure that caused messages to get stuck in Exchange 2016 and 2019 transport queues starting January 1.
12/21/2021   ZDNet Microsoft
The Microsoft Cloud is going to get bigger, more deeply integrated and more vertically focused in 2022. Here are my predictions for the fastest growing piece of Redmond's business.
12/21/2021   ZDNet Microsoft
Microsoft is bolstering its digital-advertising business by buying the Xandr ad marketplace from AT&T.